The Toran Heritage:

Galician (Toran): habitational name from the village of Santa Mar’a de Toran in Ourense province of Spain... "Pa", Our Grandfather, Raphael Toran was from Portici, a small village, south of Naples in the southern part of the Region of Campania. He emigrated to the United States of America with his brother; "Alphonse"in the early 1900's at age 17. Also coming to the USA were his brothers Roberto, who became an electrician in New York and then in his retirement, opened a restaraunt(El Patio) in Leominster, MA., ,Alphonse , an artist who worked in New York and settled in Florida, and his sister Jenny who lived in Somerville, MA. Pictured are his wife Angela, his son Nestore´ and a daughter, Rose. His father was a customs official at the Port of Naples. He had 7 children; Nestore´, Rose, Dante´, Mary, Irma, Fred, and Theresa. His eldest son, Nestore´, moved to Needham in the early 40's. Nestor had five sons; Richard, Robert, Ralph, Russell, and Roger. Rose married Al Cibotti and moved to Dedham. They had 3 children Ronnie, Donnie and Richy. Dan had three children; Janice, Dan, and Jeffrey. They lived in Framingham and then Weston. Mary moved to New York and became a purveyor of fashion. Fred settled in Falmouth, MA where he taught high school and became a coaching legend as the head soccer coach. Fred was the first hockey coach at Falmouth High School. Fred and Anne raised six girls. Theresa married Earl Crocker, a Boston Policeman, and they raised three children Cheryl, Richy, and Karen. They lived in Foxboro, MA. A short account of Pa's early years in America will soon be published. He resided for most of his life at 12 Lesher Street in Roslindale, Massachusetts and worked for the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad at their Readville Car Barns,rebuilding locomotive steam engines.  Nestor spent most of his creative life working for Baird Atomic, which had its roots in Cambridge, Mass. A more extensive Bio. is underway. One of Nestor's great joys was to retreat to his cabin in the woods of Swanzey, New Hampshire.This photo;was taken the day he fell into the Perry Brook!

Robert Nestor Toran